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DRM templates:

  1. Digitized Score Reprints Template:DRM_reprints
  2. Digitized Music Manuscripts Template:DRM_manuscripts
  3. Repertory- and Genre-Based Digitization Projects Template:DRM_genre
  4. Databases Template:DRM_databases
  5. Portals and Search Engines for Music Template:DRM_portals
  6. Music Theory Resources Template:DRM_music_theory
  7. Historical Audio and Video (Film) Template:DRM_audio_video
  8. Historical Maps Template:DRM_maps
  9. Newspapers Template:DRM_newspapers
  10. Music Magazines Template:DRM_magazines
  11. Large Text Corpora Template:DRM_texts
  12. Image Resources Template:DRM_images
  13. Credits Template:DRM_credits