Sibelius: Mary Had A Little Lamb

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Mary Had A Little Lamb in Sibelius 5. Green vertical line at the start of the music is the playback cursor.

This is the first exercise for entering music in Sibelius using Alphabetic Note Entry. The next exercise uses a few opening measures of a prelude in F minor by J.S. Bach.

Follow these instructions to enter the music/lyrics for Mary Had A Little Lamb in the Sibelius editor. The final result should look similar to the image displayed to the right.

Additional notes

  • When typing keypad keystrokes, turn on the NumLock state.
  • Shft+P can be used to switch between Panorama display and Score display. Panorama display shows a single system horizontally in a continuous scroll format, while Score display breaks the systems into lines on separate pages like printed music. This is similar to the Ctrl+e command in Finale.
  • As mentioned in the instructions for inputting this exercise, Menu option "View→Staff Names and Bar Numbers" can show a small blue measure number for every barline (used only for data entry and navigation, and which is not printed).
  • Lyrics are entered by clicking on a note, then pressing Ctrl+L (or +L on Macs). To enter another verse, press Ctrl+Alt+L (or ++L on Macs).
  • Multiple measures can be selected by clicking on the first measure, and then shift-clicking on the last measure. Selected measures can then be deleted from the music by pressing Ctrl+Delete. To clear the contents of the measures rather than deleting them, press just the Delete key alone.