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Musescore allows for input of note pitches using a MIDI keyboard. Here is documentation about using MIDI keyboard input while entering music in note input mode in Musescore.

MIDI keyboard setup

  1. Turn on the MIDI keyboard and plug into your computer.
  2. Open MuseScore.
  3. Select the MIDI keyboard from menu MuseScore→Preferences...→I/O window.

Step-time input

MuseScore's default note input mode, allowing you to enter music notation one note (or rest) at a time.

Real-time (automatic) input

See this documentation page.

Real-time (manual) input

See this documentation page.


  1. Input the following music into MuseScore using the input methods described above.
  2. Speculate on how the speed of entry is related to experience with each input method. In other words, if it takes 1 minute to enter a line of music for someone who first uses a particular input system, then how long would you expect someone who has learned that system for one week, one month, and one year?
  3. Input a line or two of simple music of your choice into Finale using all three input methods described above. Which one works best? Which one would work best if you were equally familiar with all input methods? How might the style of the music influence the most efficient input method?

Email the answers to the above exercises to Craig and CC Eleanor.

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