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Exercise 1

Load the following file into a notation editor which reads MusicXML files (such as Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, Noteflight, etc). There are three structural errors in the file: two non-fatal and one fatal. Does your music editor warn of the non-fatal errors? What/where are the errors? Make a screen shot of the resulting graphical notation after your correct (the fatal parsing error and optionally the non-fatal errors).

Media:chor215error.xml (right-click to save to disk).

Exercise 2

Change the last barline on line 6741 to some random text other than the current "light-heavy". Load the file into a notation editor. What error is displayed when loading the file? What does the barline look like when the file is loaded (if it is loaded with the erroneous barline style)?

Exercise 3

Edit the following file to add articulations other than staccatos on notes in the data. Refer to the MusicXML documentation for the different types of articulations defined in MusicXML: http://www.musicxml.com/UserManuals/MusicXML/MusicXML.htm#CT-MusicXML-articulations.htm (put a different articulation on each note)


The unaltered music should look like this:


Exercise 4

After loading the MusicXML file from Exercise 3 into a notation editor, save it back out of the program. Some of the articulations defined in MusicXML are not available in your editor, and these articulations will not be displayed in the notation editor. Examine these articulations in the saved datafile. What happened to the ones that you added by hand?

Turn in

Email you-know-whos your answers to the above questions. Include a screen-shot of the music for Exercise 1 after it has been fixed and loaded into a notation editor.