Getting started with Humdrum

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Humdrum tools can be used in two main ways: (1) on a virtual unix computer, or (2) downloaded onto your computer and run in a unix shell.

Virtual Humdrum

A quick way to access Humdrum tools is to use the Virtual Humdrum installation:

Screenshot of Virtual Humdrum page

At the bottom of this webpage is a unix bash shell console in which you can run unix commands as well as Humdrum tools:

Screenshot of Virtual Humdrum page console

You can also view the console in full-screen mode by clicking on the box with an arrow coming out of it after the word "Terminal".

Try typing a Humdrum command to see if the installation is working, such as what is the correlation analysis of the key for a Bach chorale:

  keycorr h://chorales/chor001.krn

The keycorr program should reply with the result:

  The best key is: G Major                                                                                  

Screenshot of Virtual Humdrum page console running keycorr

Humdrum Tools from Github

Humdrum Tools can be installed from Github:

Follow the directions on the page to install.