EQUAL monitoring service detected HVAC failure a customer s data center 13133

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It's crucial to conduct proper and regular maintenance on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, including changing the air filter twice any year. The HVAC unit is the primary component on controlling the temperature and airflow within your home. The filter within the unit is responsible for filtering from allergens, like as pollen, soil plus dust ensuring the air quality remains at hers best. Obtain replacement air filters by a hardware store or home improvement store. It only considers a few minutes to complete the air filter replacement with nominal gear.

Things You'll Need:


Replacement filter

1 Switch the circuit breaker that is manages the strength to the HVAC system to "off."

2 Locate the filter cover along the return air duct; the protect will be labeled "filter." Remove the screws holding the filter insure in place using any screwdriver. If screws do not store the filter housing include inside, appear for clips to unhook or simply slide the cover off. You will today have access to the dirty filter.

3 Remove the filter by pulling it out of place; the filter is designed to slide in and out to easy removal. Insert the replacement filter by sliding it into the housing following the arrows printed on the side of the filter. This will ensure appropriate airflow through the method and adequate filtering.

4 Replace the filter cover back into place, if screws were removed, replace them and secure using some screwdriver. Change the circuit breaker to "on" to restore power to the HVAC unit. Repeat this process anytime the filter needs to be replaced.