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Page files refer to two nearly-identical data formats in the MuseData data processing chain:

  1. Page-specific i-files ("Intermediate files")
  2. Music Page Files

Page-specific i-files

Music Page Files

Music Page Files, abbreviated MPG, are page-specific i-files which contain a header consisting of 7 lines which describe the content of the file. The seven lines of data start with the letter "Z", and are called "Z-records". Following the letter "Z" is a space followed by the number for the record which determines its meaning:

Z 1 composer
Z 2 work title
Z 3 movement title
Z 4 group membership (format)
Z 5 resolution (300 dots/inch)
Z 6 music size
Z 7 page number (in current movement)

Example content of Z-records:

Z 1 Antonio Vivaldi
Z 2 Concerto Op. 3, No. 5 in A Major (RV 519)
Z 3 1. Allegro
Z 4 score
Z 5 300 dots/inch
Z 6 14 dots per staff line
Z 7 1

Each MPG file contains the typesetting information for one page of music in a printable score. The MPG files are intended to be collected into a CFT file for data distribution. CFT files can be read by the Dmuse IDE (for Linux and Apple OS X) and the Dmuse Veiewer (MS Windows only).