Humdrum lab 5

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This lab is about the wikifonia data.

Basic information

How many files

   ls *.krn | wc -l

How many have lyrics:

    grep -l "\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l

How many have chords:

    grep -l "\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l

How many have two or more verses:

    grep -l "\*\*text.*\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l


What is the duration of all songs if played back-to-back and at the specified tempo without repeats?

   gettime -T *.krn | tail -n 1
   286:50:23.1354 hours

What are the longest songs:

    gettime --simple -T *.krn | sort -k2 -nr | head -n 10
    WF6618.krn:	3120
    WF0181.krn:	3120
    WF0182.krn:	1864
    WF3616.krn:	1420
    WF6336.krn:	1134
    WF5131.krn:	909
    WF6068.krn:	785
    WF5004.krn:	696
    WF3226.krn:	671
    WF1249.krn:	664

The -k2 option means to sort by the second column of data. -n means to sort numerically rather than alphabetically, and -r means to sort by highest first.

What are the shortest songs:

    gettime --simple -T *.krn | sort -k2 -nr | tail -n 10
    WF2814.krn:	16
    WF2806.krn:	16
    WF2795.krn:	16
    WF2785.krn:	16
    WF2856.krn:	14
    WF2852.krn:	12
    WF2799.krn:	12
    WF6338.krn:	8
    WF5609.krn:	8
 The shortest song in VHV:
    cat WF5609.krn | pbcopy