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Dmuse IDE

The Dmuse Integrated Development Environment will work on any computer which has X-windows installed. Both Linux and recent Apple OS X versions come with an X-windows server by default.

Dmuse fonts

X11 Fonts for Dmuse should be installed in order to view all characters properly. The fonts must be installed on the computer which is used to display the Dmuse window, not necessarily the computer which is actually running Dmuse (unless you are running the program and displaying its windows on the same computer). Therefore, the fonts are given below in a separate zip file for installation independent of the main Dmuse distribution. These fonts were created January 2008 (new tab character version of the fonts):

After you download the following .zip file, uncompress the files, and type "make" within the newly created directory. This should identify the correct directory to copy the fonts into. After installing the fonts, you should restart X-windows to ensure that the new fonts are being used.

Font samples and a description of the character set used by Dmuse is available on this page.


The muse2ps program is a command-line program which converts stage2 or MPG files into PostScript files containing printable graphical music notation. The PostScript files can then be printed or converted into PDF files. See the muse2ps installation instructions page for detailed instructions on how to download, compile and run muse2ps.

File Description
muse2ps.tar.bz2    Tar file containing source code and test examples.
muse2ps-linux    Program executable compiled statically for linux.
muse2ps-osx    Program executable compiled for Apple OS X, version 10.4 and higher.
muse2ps.exe    Program executable compiled for Microsoft Windows (prone to stack overflows in older versions of Windows). It is currently advised to download the source code and compile within a Cygwin terminal if you want to run on Windows (not suitable for the amateur Windows user who is not familiar with Unix).

The muse2ps program can be run online at . If you click on E-button.png icons next to data found on the website, the musical data will be loaded into this online converter from which PostScript, PDF, or PNG images of the music can be generated.

For example, click on the E-button.png icon on the information page for this Bach chorale, then click on the Submit button on the converter page to generate a PDF file of the chorale with the default settings. Then try setting some options, such as using "[(.)(.)(.)(.)]" for the System spine option to prevent barlines from being drawn between staves in the score.