Sibelius Tips

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Also check out the Sibelius Keyboard Shortcuts page.

1 Click-dragging

  • Move a page around by click-dragging in a white region on a page.
  • Move a staff to a different position by click dragging on staff lines.
  • Change the width of a measure by click-dragging on the ending barline of a measure.

2 Deleting

  • Highlight a note and then press Delete to turn it into a rest.
  • Highlight a rest and then press Delete to hide it.
  • To delete a measure: press Ctrl/ and click on a measure. A double box will surround it. Press Delete to get rid of that measure. To delete more measures, Shft+Click on a second measure, and then press Delete. If you delete the first measure of a score, the title and composer information will also disappear.

3 Creating

  • To create a key signature type k, choose the key you want, and then click in the measure that you want to start that key signature.
  • Right click on a blank area of the page to bring up a list of things which can be created.
  • Number every measure on screen (toggle): View→Staff Names and Bar Numbers.