Music 253 XML homework

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Here is a MusicXML file to use for the following questions: hwsample.xml

Question 1

Draw a tree diagram of the sample file's elements

Question 2

What is the root element of the file?

Question 3

Load the MusicXML file into MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius, or Noteflight. Then export it from the program as MusicXML data (not as a compressed MXL file although you could uncompress it with a zip program).


Draw a tree-diagram of the MusicXML output from the program.


What has changed between the two files?

Question 4

Data validation

In the example MusicXML file, here is the note element and its contents:


Edit the file, changing the order of one more sub-elements within the note element. Load the file into MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius or Noteflight. What happens? If something different from loading for question 3, why is it happening?

Question 5

Add note sub-elements/attributes by hand.

Referring to the DTD for the note element in MusicXML:

or a more textual description of the sub-elements and attributes of note elements:

For the note element in the example file, change the content of at least one sub-element parameter. Add at least three parameters (either elements or attributes on elements), such as adding articulations or changing the notehead shape. Load it into a music notation editor. Does it validate? (if not then fix it until it validates).

Question 6

Add one beat of beamed triplet eighth notes after the whole note in the sample MusicXML file. How did you figure out how to do that? Send the original XML content with the added triplet notes and a screen capture of the rendering in the notation editor. What happens when you load the file into the notation editor (i.e., keep the time signature at 4/4, but not there are 5 beats in the measure)? In other words, what error does the notation program give?

Question 7

Add some more notes and measures to the original MusicXML sample file. Also try adding a chord. Send the modified original file (not the output from the music notation program) along with a screen-capture of the rendered notation from the editor (or a printout from the editor).

Question 8

Here is an MEI version of the same musical content: hwsample-mei.xml

Draw the element tree for this file. Compare to the one for the MusicXML file drawn for question 1.