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Instructions for installing the MS-DOS version of SCORE (version 4)


Follow this video for using WineskinServer:

WineskinServer software is on Github:

If you already have WineskinServer and created an Engine (for SharpEye), then this is the view from the startup window in WineskinServer:


There is probably one installed image for "WS11WineCX64Bit19.0.1-1" (or create it according to the Youtube video about Wineskin).

Select "Create New Blank Wrapper", and then call the blank wrapper "SCOR4":


A message box will appear for a few sections:


And then a status window saying the creation of the blank wrapper is complete:


Installing SCORE4 files in blank wrapper

open the Wineskin directory (which is in ~/Applications/Wineskin, i.e, the Applications folder in your home directory) and you will see a list of Wineskin applications: