Installing SharpEye

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Instructions for installing SharpEye:

SharpEye is for Windows only, so it should be easy to install on Windows. If you do not have windows, then you can install Wine.


Download SharpEye version 2.68 from the webpage

There is a free unrestricted 30-day evaluation period.

Windows 10

To install in Windows 10, run the installsharpeye2.exe installer and follow the instructions.

The program will be installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\visiv-co-uk\SharpEye2\sharpeye.exe"


On MacOS, install Wineskins according to the instructions in this video:

As explained in the video, the Wineskin software is on Github:

Click on the green "Code" button and then download as zip. You have to double click to unzip the software. Then open the folder "WineskinServer-master/Winery" and then double click on to uncompress the app. The open the app. You will need to give permission to run the program through the Apple Preferences -> Security -> General window (twice in MacOS 10.15). And later there will probably be a popup window to allow Wineskins to allow access to your harddisk.

I gave the Wineskin wrapper the name "SharpEye". After setting up according to the video, the will be found in "~/Applications/Wineskin/" ("~/" means your home directory). I also created a directory/folder called "~/SharpEye" to store SharpEye files in. This directory is called "C:\users\<your-user-name>\Sharpeye" in the I also dragged the to my dock for easy access. I also created a symbolic link from ~/SharpEye to ~/Desktop/SharpEye with this command:

    cd ~/Desktop; ln -s ~/SharpEye .

Then I can drag-and-drop the TIFF images into that directory on the desktop, and the open the folder to see the saved output from SharpEye.


Notes for installing Wine on MacOS: