Humdrum lab 5

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This lab is about the wikifonia data.

Basic information

How many files

   ls *.krn | wc -l

How many have lyrics:

    grep -l "\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l

How many have chords:

    grep -l "\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l

How many have two or more verses:

    grep -l "\*\*text.*\*\*text" *.krn | wc -l

Bibliographic information

Who are the top 10 represented composer in the data:

  grep -h COM *.krn | sortcount | head -n 10
  132	!!!COM:	Unknown
  121	!!!COM:	Hungarian folk song
  119	!!!COM:	Traditional
  91	!!!COM:	Richard Rodgers
  75	!!!COM:	Irving Berlin
  67	!!!COM:	Hungarian song
  65	!!!COM:	Cole Porter
  46	!!!COM:	Harry Warren
  45	!!!COM:	George Gershwin
  40	!!!COM:	Harold Arlen

List the titles of all pieces where George Gershwin is the composer:

  grep OTL  $(grep -li  COM.*Gershwin *.krn) | sort -k2
  WF2190.krn:!!!OTL:	'S Wonderful!
  WF2191.krn:!!!OTL:	A FOGGY DAY
  WF2267.krn:!!!OTL:	A Foggy Day
  WF2186.krn:!!!OTL:	A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
  WF2192.krn:!!!OTL:	Bidin' My Time
  WF2178.krn:!!!OTL:	Blues
  WF2193.krn:!!!OTL:	But Not For Me
  WF2194.krn:!!!OTL:	By Strauss
  WF2195.krn:!!!OTL:	Clap yo' hands
  WF2185.krn:!!!OTL:	Do It Again!
  WF2196.krn:!!!OTL:	Embraceable You
  WF2197.krn:!!!OTL:	Fascinating Rhythm
  WF2268.krn:!!!OTL:	For You, For Me, For Evermore
  WF2198.krn:!!!OTL:	How Long Has This Been Going On
  WF2199.krn:!!!OTL:	I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'
  WF2103.krn:!!!OTL:	I Got Rhythm
  WF2200.krn:!!!OTL:	I Got Rhythm
  WF2222.krn:!!!OTL:	I Loves You Porgy
  WF2201.krn:!!!OTL:	I Was Doing All Right
  WF2202.krn:!!!OTL:	I Was Doing All Right
  WF2179.krn:!!!OTL:	I loves you Porgy
  WF2184.krn:!!!OTL:	I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
  WF2203.krn:!!!OTL:	I've Got A Crush On You
  WF2204.krn:!!!OTL:	Isn't It A Pity
  WF2221.krn:!!!OTL:	It Ain't Necessarily So
  WF2205.krn:!!!OTL:	Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
  WF2220.krn:!!!OTL:	Liza
  WF2219.krn:!!!OTL:	Liza (All the clouds'll roll away)
  WF2269.krn:!!!OTL:	Love Is Here To Stay
  WF2206.krn:!!!OTL:	Love Walked In
  WF2223.krn:!!!OTL:	My Man's Gone Now
  WF2207.krn:!!!OTL:	Nice Work If You Can Get It
  WF2208.krn:!!!OTL:	Oh Lady Be Good
  WF2189.krn:!!!OTL:	SUMMERTIME
  WF2995.krn:!!!OTL:	Shoes With Wings On
  WF2183.krn:!!!OTL:	Somebody Loves Me
  WF2209.krn:!!!OTL:	Someone To Watch Over Me
  WF2210.krn:!!!OTL:	Soon
  WF2211.krn:!!!OTL:	Strike Up The Band
  WF2180.krn:!!!OTL:	Summertime
  WF2181.krn:!!!OTL:	Summertime
  WF2187.krn:!!!OTL:	Summertime
  WF2212.krn:!!!OTL:	Summertime
  WF2224.krn:!!!OTL:	Swanee
  WF2213.krn:!!!OTL:	That Certain Feeling
  WF2214.krn:!!!OTL:	The Man I Love
  WF2225.krn:!!!OTL:	The Simple Life
  WF2188.krn:!!!OTL:	There's A Boat Dat's Leaving Soon For New York
  WF2215.krn:!!!OTL:	They All Laughed
  WF2216.krn:!!!OTL:	They Can't Take That Away From Me
  WF2217.krn:!!!OTL:	They Can't Take That Away From Me
  WF2218.krn:!!!OTL:	Who Cares

Polyphonic versus monophonic

How many contain more than one **kern spine (i.e., are polyphonic, probably piano):

   grep -l "\*\*kern.*\*\*kern" *.krn | wc -l

WF5118.krn is an example:


This one is interesting because it has invisible chords in the top staff which are realizing the harmonic chords above the staff.


What is the duration of all songs if played back-to-back and at the specified tempo without repeats?

   gettime -T *.krn | tail -n 1
   286:50:23.1354 hours

What are the longest songs:

    gettime --simple -T *.krn | sort -k2 -nr | head -n 10
    WF6618.krn:	3120
    WF0181.krn:	3120
    WF0182.krn:	1864
    WF3616.krn:	1420
    WF6336.krn:	1134
    WF5131.krn:	909
    WF6068.krn:	785
    WF5004.krn:	696
    WF3226.krn:	671
    WF1249.krn:	664

The -k2 option means to sort by the second column of data. -n means to sort numerically rather than alphabetically, and -r means to sort by highest first.

What are the shortest songs:

    gettime --simple -T *.krn | sort -k2 -nr | tail -n 10
    WF2814.krn:	16
    WF2806.krn:	16
    WF2795.krn:	16
    WF2785.krn:	16
    WF2856.krn:	14
    WF2852.krn:	12
    WF2799.krn:	12
    WF6338.krn:	8
    WF5609.krn:	8
 The shortest song in VHV:
    cat WF5609.krn | pbcopy


What sort of meters are in the database and how much of each type?

    beat -Ca *.krn | beat -Ua  | extractx -s '$1-$'  | ridx -H | sortcount -p
    65.89	4	4
    15.44	3	4
    11.67	2	2
    3.24	2	4
    2.78	6	8
    0.52	12	8
    0.16	5	4
    0.14	9	8
    0.09	6	4
    0.06	3	8
    0.01	3	2
    0.01	7	4
    0     	2	8
    0     	7	8
    0     	9	4
    0     	10	8
    0     	17	16
    0     	1	2
    0     	5	8
    0     	1	4
    0     	4	8

The most common meter is 4/4, where 65% of the music is in that meter.

-C means extract the count of the meter (the top number).

-U means extract the duration unit from the meter (the bottom number).

-C and -U are output once for each measure, so using these are a simple way of counting the number of measures in the scores. If you add -F option with these two options, every data line will display the metrical information.

-a means to append the analysis to the end of the lines (keeping the original input score).

The extract option:

    -s '$1-$'

means to extract from one before the last spine to the last spine. $1 is one before the last spine, $2 is two before the last spine, and so on.

Chord labels

How many unique chord labels are there?

   extractx -i mxhm  * | ridx -H | sortcount | wc -l

What are the most common ones:

   extractx -i mxhm  * | ridx -H | sortcount -p | head -n 10
   7.21	C major
   6.14	F major
   4.94	G major
   4.83	G dominant
   4.07	C dominant
   3.55	D dominant
   3.28	B- major
   2.81	E- major
   2.3	D major
   2.25	F dominant