Humdrum lab 4

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This lab introduces the digital scores of the Josquin Research Project

Download the data

First download the data by genre:

    cd ~/Desktop
    mkdir jrp
    cd jrp
    mkdir masses
    (cd masses; humsplit h://jrp/Zma)
    mkdir motets
    (cd motets; humsplit h://jrp/Zmo)
    mkdir songs
    (cd songs; humsplit h://jrp/Zso)

There are three basic genres: secular songs, religious songs (motets), and music for the mass ordinary.

You can also download works by composer, such as Jean Mouton:

    humsplit h://jrp/Mou


    humsplit h://jrp/Ock

Josquin securely attributed works:

   humsplit h://jrp/Joa

Josquin not securely attributed works:

   humsplit h://jrp/Job

All of Josquin works:

   humsplit h://jrp/Jos

Alternatively, the JRP database is available on github at

How much data is there?

How many files:

    cd ~/Desktop/jrp
    ls masses motets songs | grep krn | wc -l

(Github is more recent).

How many notes:

    cat */*.krn | extractx -i **kern | census -k

There are 803,046 notes

By genre:

   for i in masses motets songs
      echo "$i:"
      cat $i/*.krn | extractx -i **kern | census -k | grep "Number of notes"
472,034 |
258,323 |
72,689 |