Finale Simple Note Entry

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Finale's Simple Note Entry method can be used to enter notes onto a staff using computer keyboard letters for pitch names and the numeric keypad numbers for selecting rhythmic values (4=eighth note, 5=quarter note, 6=half note, etc.).

Here are several exercises to get you started entering music into the Finale music editor:

  1. Mary Had A Little Lamb which introduces pitch and duration entry in the Simple Note Entry mode of Finale.
  2. Bach prelude in F minor (BWV 881, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II) which introduces chord note entry and other essential notational components.
  3. A chorale (Dir, dir, Jehovah, will ich singen) which introduces the concept of layers in Finale for multiple voices on a staff.


For laptops without numeric keypads, after clicking on the "Simple Entry Tool", go to the Simple menu --> Simple Entry Options... --> click on "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts..." --> click "Name" drop-down menu and select "Laptop Shortcut Table".