Dmuse: CFT File Creation and Extraction

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CFT (compressed format) files are necessary for easy storage, printing, and transmission of completed music page (MPG) files. They allow (for example) full scores of multi-movement works, the complete parts for a single-movement work, or an individual part consisting of several movements to be compressed into a single continuous file. CFT files can be easily converted back into their component page files, with their original file structure, including sub-directories, preserved intact. Since CFT files cannot be directly edited, this needs to be done if one wishes to make changes to the musical or graphical content of the pages.

Dmuse provides utilities to make compression of MusePage (MPG) files into CFT files and expansion of CFT files back into MPG files very simple. Begin by pressing F2 to access the toolbar at the top of the Dmuse screen. Move the cursor to the right to highlight "Utilities", then down to select (from the drop-down menu) expansion of a CFT file into MPG files or compression of MPG files into a single CFT file.