Instructions for running vskpage.z

vskpage.z is a stripped down version of eskpage.z.  The commands
for moving the blue cursor are the same.  However the only editing
commands that do anything are ones that move staff lines up and down,
or that move lines of text underlay up and down.  In addition, there
are three important macro-instructions.

  F5  = move the blue cursor up one staff line
  F7  = move the blue cursor down one staff line
     These commands work only when the blue cursor points to a
  staff line to start with.  To get to this state, you should
  first push "g" (group mode) and move the blue cursor to the
  beginning of a line (using the <--,--> cursor keys).  Then
  push "x" (stepwise mode) and use the <-- cursor to back up
  until the Point at: tag indicates that you are pointing to a
  staff line.  (Sorry this is so complicated, but all of this
  stuff is explained in the eskpage.z documentation).

  Note: page-up and page-down will move the blue cursor between

  F6  = store results and redraw screen at resolution 2 (half size).

The most important feature of vskpage.z is that it does NOTHING
to the files you are working on.  So you don't need to worry about
distroying data or your hard work.  When vskpage.z is finished,
it simply prints out some gibberish on the screen.  Not exactly
gibberish, though.  These are the formatting instruction you need
to insert at column 25 in the scform file you are constructing.

Some pieces of advice.

(1) In the beginning, do only one page at a time -- at least
    until you get the hang of it.  I have used this program
    extensively, and I still do only 10 pages at a time.

(2) Do not use the <Tab> feature, or the <Backspace> feature.
    vskpage.z will print out multiple results for a single
    page, which is confusing.

(3) When the program starts, you should type "?" to get some
    program documentation.

(4) There are two commands for achieving proportional spacing
    F1, and F2.  These are explained in the program documentation.
    I almost always use F2 rather than F1.

(5) When a new page is displayed, I almost always start by pressing
    F2, then F6 (for a redraw), then "3", so that I can see the
    result.  Only then, if I want to make further changes, do I
    get the blue cursor pointing at a staff line.  Staff lines
    can be moved up and down in three ways (when the blue cursor
    points to a staff line):

      alt cursor-up        = move a staff line up one dot
      shft-alt cursor-up   = move a staff line up three dots
      ctrl-shft cursor-up  = move a staff line up one space
                               (14 dots for size-14, etc.)
      cursor-down (same commands)

Remember, vskpage.z changes nothing.  You can always run it again
if you don't like the results or if you have made a mistake.