Instructions for running vspace.z

When you have finished typesetting a musical work with several
movements, and the result is the best you can get using the
sequence autoset.z --> mskpage.z --> dskpage.z, your result
is in the outputs directory and is spread over multiple movements,
each with its own sub-directory.  This is an important milestone,
but it is not yet an edition.  The movements need to be combined
and put into one place.  The vertical position of the staff lines
may need to be changed to eliminate clashes and to remove empty
space at the bottom of the page.  If there is text underlay, it
may need to be moved in some cases in order to avoid clashes
with the music.  You may want to give the edition a title page.
Since all of the pages in our editions need to conform to CCARH's
.mpg format, and since mskpage.z does not do this, the Z header
records need to be added to each file, and the extension .mpg
appended to each file name.  All of this work is done automatically
by the vspace.z program, with the help of a special file called

Running vspace.z is easy.  Simply go the directory where the
relevant scform file is stored and run vspace.  The trick is
building the scform file.  To help you with this, we have included
with this documentation an example, called edform.doc.  My advice
is that you use this example as a prototype and make the relevant
changes so that vspace does what you want.

The first 22 lines of edform.doc are just comments.
Line 23 gives the source library
Line 24 gives the destination library
  Notice that these are full path names, which is why the scform
  file can be anywhere you choose.
Line 25 profides a default for a blank page
Line 26 profides a header line for every page.  In this case
  there is no text, and the line is blank
Line 27 profides an id line to be printed at the bottom of each
  page.  I believe the id line is printed only when the source
  page contains music.
Line 28 instructs vspace.z to append .mpg to every output file name.
Lines 29-35 are the seven Z records to put at the top of each output
Lines 36-38 are a required part of the format.  Just include them.
Lines 39ff: contain the source and destination file names inside the
  the source and destination libraries.  At the moment, the column
  structure must be strictly adhered to.  The formatting instructions
  start in column 25.  They have meaning only when music is present.
  In the case where the source contains music and there are no
  formating instructions (e.g. line 87 in edform.doc), no formatting
  takes place.  The staff lines are copied to the destination with no
  vertical adjustment.  Some of the formatting seem positively
  daunting.  Not to worry.  I didn't generate them; they were
  generated by the program vskpage.z, the running of which is
  explained in the documentation file run-vskp.doc in this directory.