Instructions for running pskpage.z

pskpage.z is simply a print version of dskpage.z The instructions
for starting the program are the same (current working directory,

When pskpage.z first starts up, it asks the same four questions
as dskpage.z

(1) Enter note size (<return> = 14).

(2) Source library?

(3) starting page number

(4) number of pages

It also asks a fifth question:

(5) Shift odd/even pages for better binding?  Enter "Y" = yes
The normal answer is a simple <Enter>.  The special case is
where you are printing something that will be bound.  In this
case, left-hand pages (page numbers that are even) need to be
shifted slightly to the left, so as to leave extra space on
the right.  The program does not shift the right-hand (odd
numbered) pages.

Once you have answered these questions, the program begins to
print.  To print on both sides of the page on my LaserJet, I
need to print first the right-hand side on a clean sheet; then
place the page in the paper tray face up with the page top
towards the front and print the next page (which will be a
left-hand page).  Another method would be to put the printed
right-hand page in the auxilliary feeder tray face down with
the page top pointed towards the printer.  Somehow, I have
more confidence in the paper tray method as far a proper
vertical placement goes, but both methods work on my printer.