Sibelius Keyboard Shortcuts

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Sibelius 5 keyboard shortcuts

When the Mac keys entry is blank, the Windows keys do the eqivalent on a Mac.

Action Windows keys Mac keys
Show/Hide Navigator Ctrl+Alt+n Command+Option+n
Show/Hide Keypad (for rhythms) Ctrl+Alt+k Command+Option+k
Show/Hide Playback window Ctrl+Alt+y Command+Option+y
Zoom in Ctrl+=
Zoom out Ctrl+-
Play starting at current selection p
Panorama view (single system) Shft+P
Add measure at end Ctrl+b Command+b
Undo Ctrl+z Command+z
Redo Ctrl+y Command+y
Widen measure (after selecting it) Shft+Alt+ Shft+Option+
Squash measure (after selecting it) Shft+Alt+ Shft+Option+